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Here are some sample recordings from the DolphinEar Library. Click on the image or button to go to the appropriate page and listen to the recording.  Displayed here are the spectrograms of the sounds. You can see how each is different. Whale and Dolphin vocalisations vary considerably when seen as a spectrogram even if they sound identical to your ear. Spectrogram software come with every DolphinEar hydrophone. For more information see our SOFTWARE PAGE.

WATCH the video “The Colour of Sound”  

Spectrogram of a humpback whale song. Click below to listen.Spectrogram of dolphin whistles. Click below to listen.Spectrogram of Snapping Shrimp. These little creatures shoot jets of water to stun prey. This is often the first sound that you hear if you drop your DolphinEar hydrophone into tropical and sub-tropical waters. Click below to listen.Spectrogram of a boat engine and propeller sounds as it leaves a marina. The strong whinning sound at 640 Hz is from a recently overtightened stern shaft gland. Listen also for the sounds of the diesel engine. Click below to here the sound clipThe sound of a sea serpent or just a bubble of methane from the lake depths? DolphinEar hydrophones are used by crypto-zoologists in an attempt to find answers.


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