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Web Ring Links:Here is a great idea. Take lots of similar sites with a common theme and link them together in a 'ring' so you can go from one to another with the click of a mouse. The folks at Web Ring have done just that. You go into one of the 'ring' web site and then you can jump to the next one in the 'ring' by clicking on a button.

There are a number of rings that are dedicated to dolphins, whales, or related topics. Here is the list that we have. Sites are described by their webmasters. Just click on any of these to jump into the 'ring'. 


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'Dolphin Web' Ring

'Dolphin' Ring

'Friends of the Ocean' Ring

'Marine Mammals' Ring

'Orca' Ring

'Whales 4 U' Ring
'Dolphin Webring'

  • Endangered Wildlife 

  • Thissite is dedicated to all living creatures. "ENDANGERED WILDLIFE" is every animal, not just those that are already endangered but those who can be next. I am constantly adding more and more pages.. So if I am here applying for your webring then I must be in process of adding a page about your animal in the next two weeks... OR it might already be there... 
  • The Dolphin Page 

  • Dolphin Articles, Lyrics to theme Flippers, Dolphin Cursors, Places To Swim With Dolphins, My Pet Dogz and more! 
  • Reege's Home 

  • I am a beginner at making webpages, so there is not much there as of yet...I plan on having alot of dolphin info and showing of my love for dolphins. As well as telling you about my beautiful family. Please come and see...*smile*
  • Dolphin Webring 

  • This is the Webring. Here is where people can join. 
  • Seangels home page 

  • Bottle-nosed dolphins around the world! :) 
  • Friends of the Dolphin

  • Friends of the Dolphin is an action force and a registry of people who are concerned in the welfare of the dolphins. It is also active in preserving the rights of humans and dolphins to reasonable safe iteractions. 
  • My Dolphin Site 

  • I have a site with only moving dolphins on it,,I have many other sites...over 100 now..I have whatever you want.... 
  • Dolphin Spirit Company 

  • We carry only dolphin products. From shirts, caps, games, collectibles to furniture, coffeetables, books, computer software. All focused around dolphins. Share the love 
  • Ken's home page

  • It is a family home page with my interests in dolphins on. My wife's page put there by husband 
  • Dolphin Club

  • This is my dolphin club for all the dolphin lovers in the world. 
  • Hearts Home 

  • Web site about my interests, such as: Mountains, sea, wildlife, animals, dogs, dolphins, whales, bears, wolves, deer, cougars, Bible, earth sciences, zoology, earthquakes, volcano, writing, art, music, etc. 
  • Replica Technology 

  • 3D Object libraries containing animated and textured 3D models of all species of Dolphins. Site includes over 100 3D rendered images of Dolphins. 
  • Catzy's Page

  • My site contains stuff like hunks, cyberpets, witchcraft (!!), a page about dolphins, some REALLY cool links and you can even win my award! 
  • Thunderbird's Dolphins 

  • different kinds of dolphins here... come see the rare pink dolphin from Hong Kong.. isn't he cute? 
  • Dolphins Homepage 

  • My site is all about dolphins. You can find images, backgrounds, wavs/midis and information. You can find great dolphin links and even send a greeting card or dolphin postcard. 
  • Maddy's Page!!

  • My site is dedicated to my 2 favourite things - dolphins and procrastination. It has a dolphin sanctuary for friends of dolphins and lots of cool dolphin links. 
  • Dolphin Tales

  • 1) Fictional stories writen by me with dolphins as main characters. 2) Answers to semi-controvercial questions about dolphins 3) links to other related sites 4) graphics I've picked up through my travels. 5) Dolphin Related Bookstore 6) Quotable Quotes 7) Dolphin WebRing index 
  • Chandra's Web Pages

  • The theme is dolphins, but I have loads of FREE graphics!! I have just started this web site and will be adding a lot more such as my poetry and artwork. I am a published writer/author/poet. 
  • Ocean Encounter 

  • OCEAN ENCOUNTER is a meditative story accompanied by photographic images to assist the reader in their journey. After reading the book a few times, you can take the journey on you own, exploring different paths along the way to find out where the dolphins will take YOU. 
  • Dolphin Friends 

  • Dolphin Friends is a site dedicated to the preservation of the Dolphins and is intended to educate and create an understanding between man and dolphin. 
  • Dolphins

  • This page contains dolphin pictures, sounds, links, and themes 
  • Hazeleyes World of Dolphins 

  • My site started off as a love for dolphins but soon I found many other pages that showed the same love for them. I have information, links, and pictures from my time down in the Fl. keys as a dolphin trainer. 
  • Dolphin's World on the Web 

  • A page containing just about any and everything that has to do with dolphins. Adoption, links, info, pictures and so much more.
  • My Dolphin Page 

  • I have Pictures And Information about dolphins . I also have the theme for flipper lol 
  • Amanda's homepage 

  • Me, my friends, dolphins, and manatees 
  • Tropical Gifts - A Touch Of The Tropics Right In Your H 

  • We cater to all of those who love the ocean and everything in it. We have an especially large collection of dolphin, whale and manatee figurines in sand, porcelain, hand-painted wooden ones, windchimes and more! 
  • Cetacean World 

  • My page is about cetaceans.(whales dolphins and porpoises). It has a whole lot of info, pictures. links and more! I will be adding new things in the future. 
  • Into The Big Blue .. Dolphins 

  • dolphins, links, pics 
  • Like Dolphins Can Swim 

  • Dolphin links 
  • The Dolphin Place 

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Dolphins. Includes great graphics and a very extensive section of the most frequently asked questions. A great site with lots of information, and also very pleasing to the eyes. 
  • Welcome to My World of Dolphins and Poetry 

  • From one Dolphin Lover to another, a Site with Dolphin Pictures, Dolphin Poetry,Personal Poems,Links to site where you can learn just about every thing there is to know about our Friends in the Sea... So come swim with me in My Sea. 
  • Dolphin Lover

  • My first homepage, about my love for dolphins. you'll see pics and links to other websites. 
  • Wendys web site 

  • Dolphins, whales, sharks, and other things natural :) 
  • Dolphin Design Web Publishing 

  • Dolphin Gallery of some great Sea and Dolphin artist. 
  • Hobbit's Lair

  • Visit Hobbit's Dolphin page. Check out her animation, wavs, and java games while you are there 
  • The Dolphin Homepage

  • I have much information about dolphins, I have my very own photos and describe what is in the photo and where it came from. I talk about my dolphin experience at SeaWorld where I got to go into the water with the dolphins. I also display my dolphin and whale artwork. 
  • Ali's Garden

  • Poetry of love, cat pages,and dolphin page 
Dolphin Ring homepage'
  • Dolfin's Gentle Sea 

  • A site for dolphins by dolphins that has the goal of education and enlightenment to human populations as to the plight that cetaceans have befallen in the shadow of man. Information on ways to help as well as many links to places where much more can be learned about your brothers and sisters of the sea.
  • Delphina's Dolphin Poetry

  • A collection of poems both found on the Internet and submitted, which are inspired by dolphins. 
  • Tursi's Home Page 

  • The highlight is a large database of information about dolphins, covering anatomy, habits, controversies, and general information. There are also a few stories on the stories page. A large selection of GIFs and JPGs are also available. This page is for education and entertainment, not opinion.
  • Sara's Dolphin Zone

  • This is the page where dolphins rule!! Interested in organizations, they are here. Interested in beautiful and breath-taking art work, they are here, too. This page is devoted to Marine Mammals like dolphins and little on Orcas. 
  • The Cyber Pod 
  • The Dolphin Speech Project Home Page 
  • DolphinNet

  • A network of dolphin lovers.See Digital images Dylan created from photographs taken while swimming with Dolphins, our partners in the cyber-spiritual revolution. 
  • Stefan Jacobs' Orca-Homepage 

  • Many informations on orcas and even more pictures of orcas and right whales. Plus a listing of orcas in captivity. 
  • Encounters with dolphins and whales 

  • This site retells the amazing but often sad stories of the wild solitary dolphins who chose to interact with humans. The page is intended to not only share these stories but serve as a strong reminder of the need to protect these beautiful wild animals. 
  • Dolphins and More - Jennifer's HomePage 

  • The beauty of dolphins shines through on every page of this website. Here you will find several good dolphin images, and a variety of other dolphin related material. 
  • Dolphin's Page 

  • Bottlenose Dolphin. 
  • Mandurah Dolphins: Beautiful photos of wild dolphins 

  • Stories from locals and around the world about dolphins. Great action and identification photo's of wild dolphins. 
  • Dolphin Dreams 

  • Dolphin Dreams-Homepage. Contains internal links, external links, email link and brief description of page author (me). Orca Worlds-About orcas. Gives basic facts on killer whales, and tells story of Keiko. Dance of a Dolphin-Gives brief descriptions of commonest dolphins, inc. scientific name and markings. Ain't Misbehavin'-Gives insight into behaviour of dolphins s 
  • Cetacean Photos: Dolphins, Orcas, Belugas and Keiko. 

  • This is a cetacean photo gallery. These are some photos I've taken at different places around the US. 
  • Cetacean City

  • Cetacean City is a vitual tour of our oceans, where you gain insight into the issues that concern our cetaceans. This tour is fun, and very informative!
  • The Dolphin Society 

  • The Dolphin Society is an Australian non-profit organisation researching the human-dolphin connection, through: * research into the effects dolphins have on people * education about dolphins and cetaceans in general * conservation of dolphins, whales and their habitats. We run trips to meet wild dolphins north of Sydney, Australia, and we are running a campaign to clean up Sydney H 
  • Dauphin, Dolphin

  • Rencontre avec les dauphins, les 32 especes marines et le 5 especes d'eau douce. 
  • Dolphin Discovery Centre: Meet our wild dolphins 

  • All about the Dolphin Discovery Centre at Bunbury Western Australia where people can see and learn all about dolphins in the wild. 
  • Talamanca Dolphin Foundation

  • The Talamanca Dolphin Foundation was created to increase the awareness, protection and rights of the wild dolphins of Talamanca, Costa Rica and the World. 
  • The Dolphin Circle

  • The Dolphin Circle exists to increase the awareness level between man and dolphin. We offer opportunities to interact directly with the dolphins. Our special focus is dolphins and healing, and the impact dolphins may have specifically on emotional healing. The page is intended as a resource source for those seeking dolphin information in all areas (from scientific to spiritual) 
  • The Dolphin Species Archive 

  • This site contains information and pictures of dolphins and porpoises.
  • Cetus's Dolphin Page 

  • A good looking dolphin page, both in English, and Danish 
  • Whale Web 

  • A place to see and learn about cetaceans in general and even share your own experiences with cetaceans! 
  • Dolphin Study Group Online

  • Scientific research on dolphin behavior and communication in general with information on dolphin species in Singapore waters and a number of original databases: bibliography on dolphin behavior and communication, Cetacean Picture Database, database on sound analysis hardware/software solutions, database on hydrophone manufacturers, etc ... 
  • Dolphins around the world 

  • Learn about some of the dolphin species around the world. A good site for projects with lots of photos and info on where to see wild dolphins. 
  • Wolphin's Dolphin Page 

  • A brief description of where you can expect to find dolphins in Western Australia. Also included are some pics of the dolphins you can expect to see. 
  • Dolphins and whales 

  • This is a mainly page about dolphins and whales, with, a lot of information, dolphin poetry and regular updates. I'm still working on it, so that it will look better each time and will contain more information..... I just adore DOLPHINS!!! 
  • The Human Dolphin Institute

  • The Human Dolphin Institute is a Marine Mammal Conservation Society and non-profit organization in Florida dedicated to the better understanding of humans, dolphins, and their relationship. Community environmental education, dolphin conservation and research, and special programs for child empowerment through dolphin assisted therapy are the focus of the Institute. The site has a section 
  • Polperro - Swimming with Wild Dolphins 

  • Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia, is home to a large number of wild bottlenose dolphins. Carefully monitored ecotourism operations allow visitors from all over the world to swim with the dolphins, *without* feeding them.
  • The Killer Whale Zone 

  • Journey with me through the underwater life of a killer whale with pictures, paintings, sounds, and lots of information. 
  • The Divine Dolphin 

  • The Divine Dolphin focuses on the spiritual connection between humans, dolphins and whales. We run wild dolphin and whale swims so that people can experience this connection first hand. Our site also has many stories from people whose lives have been changed by dolphins. The Divine Dolphin is working to protect the dolphins of the Bahamas and recently formed an alliance with Fundacion Delfin 
  • Dolphin Haven

  • Dolphin Haven is a site created by a college biology student (Michael Harney) dedicated to informing others about dolphins. It has a wide range of information on dolphins for beginers, intermediates, and advanced, as well as many good links and photos. 
'Whales 4 U' Ring homepage'
  • Endangered Wild Life 

  • This site is dedicated to WILDLIFE.. No matter what form it is. rather it be whale, Lion, hippo, tiger, elephants. 
  • The Jungle

  • picture factbook with information of species, very big dolphin page. save the rainforest and mother earth 
  • Ocean Bound Orcas Homepage 

  • Ocean Bound Orcas is a page dedicated to freeing captive killer whales that once swam free in the wild. Follow ups on Keiko, the whale in Free Willy, learn about Lolita,who lives in the smallest killer whale tank in the USA, + lots of links that every whale lover would love! 
  • Marine Biology Home Page

  • killerwhales 

  • A big whale that is in the sea floor. 
  • Marine Mammal Links 

  • lots of links on marine mammals 
  • Ocean Explorations Whale Cruises 

  • The site describes Ocean Exploraitons Whale Cruises which uses large rigid hull inflatable boats ("zodiacs") for one of Atlantic Canada's most popular whale/seabird adventures. Charter/accom. packages available
  • Wind Page 

  • The Wind Page is all about wilelfe (dolphins,whales,fishs,sea turtles),comics, coffee and Coca-cola. There is a World Cams page compiled by me. The Wind Page Music Section has a page for Sandy Lam, Asian Music page of Singapore and HK entertainment, Movie page of midis. 
  • World Wide Whales 

  • Whale facts, sounds and awesome pictures for cetacean enthusiasts. Put together for you at sunny Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia - whale watching capital of the world. 
  • The Dolphin Homepage

  • Learn about dolphins and whales. Look at my very own pictures and art of dolphins and whales. Read about my dolphin experience and view the pictures of it! 
  • Into The Big Blue ... Dolphin ... 

  • dolphins, links, pics 
  • Dolphin Island Greenware NPO 

  • Home Site of Greenware concepts and Dolphin FAQ. 
  • Amanda

  • My homepage is about myself, some of my friends, dolhpins, manatees and some other things, too. 
  • Mermaid's Place 

  • Site contains links to much info on Marine Life plus a newly added chat room seaCHAT for people to chat and discuss. 
  • Dolphin Tales

  • 1) Fictional stories writen by me with dolphins as main characters. 2) Answers to semi-controvercial questions about dolphins 3) links to other related sites 4) graphics I've picked up through my travels. 
  • Dolphins R' Us. 

  • My site is dedicated to dolphins and dolphin lovers. 
  • Mr Temba 

  • many different pages. Movie reviews, the Best movie of all time, manatee, manatee photo gallery, beanie babys, civ 2, etc. 
  • Whale of A Time Sea Adventures 

  • If your looking to go whale watching in Nova Scotia, Canada, look no further, we have a 98% sighting success rate as well as great rates. Come and sail with us to view these gentle giants of the deep in their narural habitat, as well as other marine life and various sea birds. You'll have a whale of a time. 
  • Save the Blue Whales 

  • Information and cool pictures on how to save the blue whale from extinction
  • My World

  • Just a place where I can share my interests and have fun doing it. 
  • Joanie's Wildlife Homepage 

  • All about the different animals of the world and how they are in need of help thru the eyes of a 14 year old. Also, info on pets and animal abuse. Home of the No Cruelty to Animals Ring and Award. 
  • Whale Tours Nyksund 

  • Whale Tours in Nyksund/Vesteralen offers unique tours to the whaleareas of the northatlantic. Meet the spermwhale and the Orca hunting for food. The base is Nyksund the former ghosttown. 
  • Shivam Rampaul's Whales and Dolphins Page 

  • This Page got Information on Whales, Dolphins and other animals. The Mainpage got great Links, Banners, Pictures, Trinidad Stuff, Music, Reviews and much more. 
  • Marine Mammal Webring 

  • Info,pictures,and links about marine mammals of all kinds from dolphins to polar bears 
  • The Spirit of the Dolphin 

  • The Spirit of the Dolphins is about the healing nature of dolphins, spirituality, meditations, healing poems and more. 
  • The lance & Shield Home Page 

  • Native American & Ecology Angels & Owls Poetry, a little of everything that interests me 
  • Pink Velvet's Dolphin Page 

  • This page has dolphin pictures and sounds on it, it also has a dolphin theme on it 
  • Making Friends with Whales

  • You like to come close to whales without disturbing them? You like to learn more about whales or to learn from them? All is possible! 
  • AngelicGuards

  • christian, whales 
  • The Ocean Realm

  • The best site to find things about sharks and other things about the ocean.
  • Wolfheart's Wildlife 

  • Info, quizzes, and lots of pics for dolphins, whales, orcas, belugas, manatees and whatever else I can find. I also have pages on big cats, wolves, and dragons. 
  • Julia's Marine Biology Page 

  • All about Marine Biology 
  • Whales on the Net

  • Join us on a wonderful journey into the world of Cetaceans, those mysterious animals that spend their entire lives in water. Dive down to the greatest depths and discover the Blue whale, the Right whale, Sperm, Humpback, Sei, Gray, Bowhead, Fin, Minke, Orca, Dolphins and more. 
  • Protected Marine Species Research & Information 

  • Online resources about Protected Marine Species, including extensive lists of links arranged by alphabet, subject, and species. Taxonomies of Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, and Sirenians. 
  • Hearts Home 

  • Web site with some of my intersts, such as: mountains, sea, forest, wildlife, dogs, whales, dolphins, writing, earth sciences, art, Bible, etc. 
  • Hazz Oceania Stamps 

  • A homepage for thematic/topical stamp collectors on marine life especially whales 
  • Fish Link Central 

  • The largest collection of aquarium fish web sites and more! 
  • Jami's Place 

  • This page is all about stuff I like and a little bit of some things people I know like 
  • Whales 4 U Whale Watching Tip Page 

  • Tips for legally watching whales in the USA & lots of links. I offer perhaps the US's only "whale biologist for rent" service and contract w/ private boating families, folks who would never go on a commercial whale-watching vessel, but who want the same {or BETTER!} info for their kids, or just want questions answered.
  • Dolphins and Whales...Sensitive and Warm 

  • A tribute to our Angels of the Sea, the Peacemakers of the ocean...beings of love. 
    Kiwi's dophin page
    This is a page about dolphins and what they have to do with me. It is fun and interesting. Hope to see you there!!! 
  • Energetic Ecological Environmental Kids 

  • A site devoted to kids helping the environment. Includes information about recycling, reusing, marine mammals and other animals. 
  • Beluga Whales 

  • Beluga whales, whale communication 
  • Whales - The Gentle Giants 

  • A site dedicated to Whales 
  • From Land to Sea 

  • It's a fun place to be for marine mammal lovers.Done by the (hopefully) future Sea World's Killer Whale Trainer! 
  • Øyvind Jo's Homepage 

  • Whales Poppers Dolphins 
  • PeeLee's Lagoon 

  • This site is dedicated to the world's oceans and marine life. I hope to promote awarness of 1998 as the Year of the ocean, conservation and personal invovlment. 
  • Dolphin Club

  • This is my dolphin club which I just started. Anyone who loves dolphins is welcome to join. There is a monthly news letter, club chat and much more coming. I've donr this to join dolphin lovers everywhere. 
  • Dolphins on Stamps 

  • I love dolphins and like collecting stamps = Stamps of Dolphins! Please support GREENPEACE drifnet campaign 
  • Keiko the Killer Whale 

  • experience with keiko the killer whale 
  • Shrinking Violet's World of Temporary Grace 

  • Something for everyone. 
'Friends of the Ocean' Ring homepage'
  • Jelles sea-turtle pages

  • This site features information about the life and protection of sea-turtles. Besides that I have a photography section, and some newsletters with information on reptiles. Come over, and have a look 
  • The Jungle

  • animal factbook with pictures and information about them, preservation and protection of all species, save the rainforests 
  • Aquarist Online - Ornamental Fish Magazine 

  • Aquarist Online is an ornamental fish magazine covering a wide variety of topics about the hobby. Our columnists include Nick Dakin, Practical Fishkeeping, Albert Thiel and Coral Reef Alliance. Online Bookstore, discussion group and a writers section for those who would like to express their creative talent. 
  • Life's a Beach

  • My site is dedicated to my great love of the beach, the ocean, the creatures of the sea, and coastal living...and all that go with those things....past, present, and future 
  • Linda's LIVE QuickCam 

  • LIVE camera updating every 30 seconds, BettaCam, Pictures, Linda's WebChat, Buckwheat's Perch, Calendar of Events and much, much more. 
  • Help Save Sea Life 

  • Trying to help educate people about helping to save the ocean and all the creatures there. 
  • Lolita's Legion 

  • Lolita's Legion is a group of students from kindergarten through University working to free Lolita, an Orca, held in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium.
  • Julia

  • My page is all about marine biology. 
  • MandieN's HomePage 

  • My homepage has things about many different animals. 
  • Kitt's Orca (Killer) Whale Page! 

  • My site is all about the Orca or "killer" whale. It is very informative and full of pictures. 
  • Sharks..Terrors of the Deep 

  • Enter if you Dare!!! Lots of information and shark pictures. 
  • Joanie's Wildlife Homepage 

  • From humpbacks and their singing, to the toxicated polar bear of the north, to the alligator farming in Africa, to animal abuse related to man's best friends, you can learn lots about animals on Joanie's Wildlife Homepage!  Home of the No Cruelty to Animals Ring and Award. 
  • TexasVixen`s Wildlife Webpage 

  • This site contains all types our animals,there is all types of useful information here. Come on in and look around you are sure to find something that interests you. 
  • badmans tropical fish 

  • If your interested in freshwater tropical fish, this IS the site for all you need to know. 
  • ScubaRaven's Reef 

  • A marine fish and invert information website with highlights on disease, seawater constituents, and DIY projects! 
  • Hearts Home 

  • Web site with some of my intersts, such as: mountains, sea, forest, dogs, earth sciences, writing, art, Bible, etc. 
  • Dolphin Moon's Webpage 

  • This is a link to my webring page, however, if you go to that page and then click on my homepage button you can go to my home page! It is really awesome. It gets updated a lot so come and see it often! Sign my guestbook while you're there. My home page is about me and my favorite animals. It also has my other page links to my Animorphs Realm, my cyber friends page, my Star Wars and S 
  • World of Whales 

  • A complete site about whales. Each type of whale is discussed as well as whaling issues and whale biology, habits, populations, diet, and migration.
  • Dolphin Tales 

  • 1) Fictional stories writen by me with dolphins as main characters. 2) Answers to semi-controvercial questions about dolphins 3) links to other related sites 4) graphics I've picked up through my travels. 5) Dolphin Related Bookstore 6) Quotable Quotes 7) Dolphin WebRing index 
  • Sea Horses 

  • Info and pictures on those amazing creatures - the sea horses! 
  • Shark Dreams And Shark Screams 

  • An interactive guestbook along with a limited dictionary of shark species, "specialized" shark page, and rays section. 
  • Animated Dolphins 

  • All My dolphins on this site move,,not just pics....... 
  • The Ocean and other water fantasies 

  • My fantasy page about the ocean and other waters, both mythical and real.
  • sweetheart8's Homepage 

  • Endangered Species, favorites, cool stuff... 
  • The Sharks Pool 

  • Your one stop place for all your shark information. Highly acclaimed by shark scientists and enthusiasts around the world. 
  • Heart For Animals

  • If you love animals, stop by & learn how you can help! 
  • Hammerhead Sharks 

  • All you ever needed to know about hammerhead sharks! Come by and check them out!
  • MiNd's Marine Reef Aquarium 

  • The trials and tribulations of my marine reef aquarium...an on going log.
  • Tropical Freshwater Fish Gallery 

  • Excellent site devoted to Freshwater Tropical Fish. You will find an awesome amount of information, links, pictures, fish of the week, and more CHECK IT OUT!!!! 
  • Save the Blue Whales 

  • Info, pictures and links on saving the blue whale from extinction!!! 
'ORCA' Ring homepage' 'Marine Mammals' Ring homepage'
  • Dolphin's in Western Australia 

  • Dolphins in and around Western Australia. Contains a general overview and a description of dolphins around Western Australia. Outlines some of the more popular areas where human-dolphin interaction can occur. 
  • The Dolphin Homepage

  • Learn about dolphins and whales, view my gallery of pictures, read and look at my dolphin encounter! 
  • Erin's Homepage 

  • If you have recently been to Sea World of San Diego, you should know about JJ, an orphaned gray whale that is there. I have alot of information about her that you cant find on Sea World's own homepage. 
  • Dawn-Marie's Dolphin page 

  • This is a dolphin page with links, pictures poems, and a free Newsletter.
  • Whales 4 U Whale Watching Tips 

  • I list tips on how to legally observe whales in the wild & lots of links 
  • Cetacean City 

  • A place to gain insight on current issues concerning cetaceans. Keep informed on the latest action alerts! Learn about whales and dolphins. 
  • Jim & Donna's Nuthouse 

  • Family oriented website with lots of aquatic photos and artwork, a tribute to the late Jacques Cousteau, some reference material with more to come.


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