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NEW!  Wireless Dolphinear 

hydrophone systems for researchers, government, education, whale watching


hydrophone systems

Arretec manufacturers low cost hydrophone systems
starting at under $160.

DolphinEar hydrophone systems are designed for
research, whale watching or recreational use.

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Used throughout the world by universities, government, military, whale watching fleets, industry and by 'ordinary' folks!

No need to wait either! We always have a large stock of these on hand
and we can usually ship within 24 hours.

Each DolphinEar hydrophone is thoroughly tested in the water
before we ship it to you!

Each system is complete with: hydrophone, preamplifier, cable, earphones, battery, and free spectrogram software that turns your laptop or desktop into a powerful digital recorder and analysis tool. (You can choose a cable length that suits your application.)

Plus we have FREE technical support to help you solve problems, and to help you get the most from your DolphinEar system. With our large customer base, we've probably already solved your problem!

We can even produce a custom hydrophone and related equipment for your exacting needs. Contact us with your specification today.

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