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Pool Security: DolphinEar is used to provide an extra degree of security for swimming pools. A home pool can be monitored when not in use for footsteps or sudden splashes. (Photo Credit: Robert Lake CC-BY WikiMedia) If you don't have a hydrophone as you explore and enjoy a paddle down a picturesque river you are missing the world beneath your boat.

A family swimming pool can be a wonderful thing, but they do throw up security issues especially if you have small children or pets.  Many have used our DE200 hydrophones to monitor a pool from inside the house. The hydrophone is placed a few centimetres below the surface of the water and one of our optional accessory FM transmitter (or now bluetooth links) provides the wireless link from pool to house.  The hydrophone will pick up sounds both in the pool and outside.  It’s doesn’t replace proper adult supervision of a swimming pool or other security measures but it does add another vital ‘sense’ to alert you to dangers.

Add a new element to a family boating adventure - underwater sound. DolphinEar hydrophones are simple enough for a three year old (with adult supervision) and powerful enough to reveal a previously hidden and unseen world beneath the surface. Open a child’s curiosity and imagination and you open up a world of future opportunity.  

Plus …  it is just plain fun for a family to share in an unexpected experience!

Bring underwater sound into your home schooling curriculum. Practical experience is the essence of learning in any environment. Discover unknown worlds - open up the subjects of biology, physics, chemistry and the environment. DolphinEar hydrophones are not just for the water environment either. They can be used in the ground to detect the sounds of burrowing animals; they can be frozen in an icy lake to listen to the sounds of a spring thaw; they can be attached to a tree to pick up the sounds of a forest in motion, or to a wall to monitor building sounds. Because DolphinEar works in water, ground and air its use is governed by your imagination. And, when combined with the free spectrogram software that comes with every DolphinEar, it becomes a power analytical tool that will impress.

DolphinEar hydrophones open up new areas for science projects, science fairs, home schooling or just having fun together! Ponds provide grat opportunities for anyone with a hydrophone. Fish, frogs, and water insects stimulate curiousity. (Photo Credit: Nowis CC-BY-SA)

Watching a TV documentary about wildlife is not the same as experiencing it firsthand. How many times have you walked or driven past a small pond? Have you ever explored it? Have your children? Ponds are incredible living environmental systems. They can provide hours of fascination that lead to amazing professional careers later in life.  Explore them. Sit down and spend some time listening to the life within the pond. Take a DolphinEar DE200 along on your next outing or trip to your back garden. Discover!

A backyard fish pond equipped with a DOlphinEar hydrophone can provide hours of interest and curiousity as children can hear the fish eat or play with the sounds of pebbles being thrown into the pond.(Photo Credit: Lesley Chandler CC-BY-SA)