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DolphinEar hydrophones are used on all sizes of boats - from kayaks and RIBs to mega yachts. (Photo Credit: NOAA-MTS CC-BY)

Personal Underwater Listening Device

Whale & Dolphin Boat Tour Operators

Aquariums & Sea Life/Aquatic Educational Centers

Parks & Nature Reserves

DolphinEar hydrophones are perfect a Personal Listening Device for children (under adult supervision). It instills in them the idea that oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams are teaming with life. (Photo Credit: Copyright DolphinEar - all rights reserved)Parks and Nature reserves as well as Fisheries Departments around the world use DolphinEar hydrophones to help people appreciate the life that exists beneath the surface.With a DolphinEAr hydrophone you will often hear whales and dolphins long before you see them. (Photo Credit: Dr. Mridula Srinivasan- NOAA-NMFS-OST-AMD  CC-BY)If you don't have a hydrophone as you explore and enjoy a paddle down a picturesque river you are missing the world beneath your boat.

DolphinEar (DE200 and DE PRO series) have been used by tour boat operators for 15 years. Vessel sizes range from kayaks, RIBs, small and large boats of all descriptions. It gives tour operators an edge in competitive markets. Often whales and dolphins can be heard when they are not visible. Ranges vary depending on the species, water depth and temperature, sea conditions and can be anything from a few miles to many hundreds of miles. DolphinEar hydrophones can be fitted to existing speaker systems (PA) or plugged into portable battery operated amplified speakers for use on smaller boats with 6-12 passengers.

We have been encouraging everyone to ‘Explore the World’ - especially the unseen world - for 15 years. As humans we depend on light to understand the world around us. If we lived 10 or more metres underwater, or just a few centimeters under the soil, light disappears and sound becomes the main provider of information and survival. There is an amazing world beneath the waves and under our feet. The DolphinEar  DE200 series is the perfect personal listening device to explore these dark regions of our planet. Whether you are listening to whales, dolphins and other sea sounds from a boat, or walking around a nature reserve, or exploring your back garden, the DE200 opens upa new world of sounds. See our RECORDISTS page for a few examples of what you might hear.

Large aquariums have been using DolphinEar hydrophones since we started making them 15 years ago. It adds a new and unexpected dimension to their exhibits and gives the public a much better understanding of how important sound is to aquatic life. Many educational centers use one or more DolphinEar DE200’s on field trips and nature walks. It’s a perfect companion for group canoe or kayak outings whether in narrow streams or open coastal waters. Guides can record sounds they encounter and re-use them in displays to educate the public at their main facilities, or on a road show to promote their activities and conservation efforts.

Parks and Nature Reserves use DolphinEar DE200’s as part of their interpretive signage displays. A sign is constructed with a speaker, DolphinEar DE200 , and battery embedded in it while the hydrophone cable is fed through appropriate conduit into the area where sounds are located. A push button marked “LISTEN” turns on the sound for visitors to hear. While usually deployed by a pond, lake, stream or inlet, these installations have also been used to eavesdrop on animals in burrows, ants in nests, natural and manmade sounds conducted through the soil.