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DE500 Sound Samples:

At first glance, using mobile cell phones as a means of accessing a remote hydrophone might seem less than perfect.  Telephone bandwidth is normally limited to 2500 to 3000 Hz. - hardly what you want to use with your 300 KHz hydrophone!  

In reality, most whale vocalizations fall into the frequency range of  20 Hz to 3000 Hz which is well within the capabilities of the worldwide telephone network. Even some, high frequency echo location pulse trains have frequency components that fall within this range.

To ensure maximum quality, DE500 applies a unique 'wave-shaping' characteristic to compensate for transmission losses normally encountered in telephony.

Here are some examples of what you can hear with the DE500. After listening to them you'll be convinced that the DE500 can open new possibilities in your work.


Let's start off with the worst possible sound sample to see how little is lost in transmission quality.  This originated using the DE500 tethered in a marina on the coast of Cyprus - an island in the Eastern Mediterranean. A long distance telephone call was placed between Cyprus and the United Kingdom where the sounds were recorded.  It was then converted into a file using the lossy GSM 6.10 format and sent back to our research facility as an email attachment.  In effect, the sounds are twice as bad as you would normally expect using long distance telephone access!  Listen to it for yourself - it's mostly snapping shrimp with a few wavelets slapping against the sides of boats, but you can hear the sharp high frequency clicks come through with excellent quality. If you dial up and listen to the LIVE DEMO mentioned on the first page, it will sound TWICE as good!

Long Distance Marina Sounds: Recorded Live from UK


Here are some more samples - all using transmission band- widths of 3500 Hz or less!

Dolphin Whistles

Dolphin Echo-location Clicks

Humpback whale songs

Gray whale vocalization

Fish sounds