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Whale Watch Azores
Nine and eleven night whale and dolphin research holidays to the tranquil Azores archipelago. Help with research, locate cetaceans using hydrophones, collect naturally shed skin for DNA analysis or just relax, knowing your holiday fee is funding the research. We average 6 to 7 species per tour, 5 to 6 encounters per day and since we started in 1993, we have identified 20 species locally, doubled the sperm whale identification catalogue to over 1100 animals, rescued 7 stranded whales, sponsored research students, given local kids free trip and raised money for good causes. Join us for the most amazing whale and dolphin watching trip in Europe. Season: April to October incl. Passenger Capacity: 8 Costs: £995 UKP + flight for 9 nights/10 days. No day trips. Species: Sperm whales, short finned pilot whales, + several types of baleen and beaked whale + bottlenose, common, Risso's, spotted and striped dolphin + several other species. Guarantee: Our worst ever tour saw 4 species of cetcean. We have run only 3 tours out of nearly 100 that have not seen sperm whales. Contact Whale Watch Azores 6B, South Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 7LF UK Telephone: 00 44 1295 267652
FAX: 00 44 1295 267652 www.whalewatchazores.com



Espaço Talassa LDA

In the 8 years that Espaço Talassa has been operating, skipper Serge Viallelle has become aware of a considerable population of cetaceans in the waters of the Azores. His interest in this magnificent animal grew, and in 1990 the Azorian whale waching project called "Men, Dolphins & Whales" was born, with a view to studying, protecting and educating the public about them. As well as enjoying a great time at sea observing and learning about these creatures, whale watchers can help in practical ways -recording diving times, shooting ID photos, doing underwater video work, making acoustic recordings, tagging turtles ...Season: April to october Passenger Capacity: 12 Costs: from 6 500 escudos to 9 500 escudos Species: Sperm whale, pilot whale, spotted dolphins, risso dolphins, bottlnose Contact: Espaço Talassa LDA, rua do Saco 9930, Lajes do Pico, Azores Portugal Tel 351 292 672 010 Fax 351 292 672 617

Azores-São Miguel Island Whale Watching
In the past, the Azores was one of the most important whaling centers. Sperm whales attracted American Whalers and you will remember that ' Moby Dick' speaks about the azorean whalers. That was our past... from our culture and patrimony. Today we are running a whale WATCHING programs in São Miguel Island. Have a look at our website and come see the whales with us. Email: Futurismo@mail.telepac.pt


Nautilus IV (Dolphin Bay Ltd)

NAUTILUS IV – The 21st century way to see and hear the Dolphins. Join us on an adventure into the world of the Dolphin aboard Gibraltar’s (and Europe’s) only vessel of this type. Tours operate daily around The Bay of Gibraltar giving you the opportunity to see the dolphins from above and below the water. See them jumping at the bow from our open spacious decks or go below and watch them swimming alongside the boat and in the bow wave. They can see you too! There is full commentary onboard and we also have a Dolphin gift shop. Season: All year Passenger Capacity: 49 Costs: Adults £20, Children under 12 Free with a maximum of two free children per paying adult.
Species: Common/Bottlenose Dolphins
8b The Square Marina Bay Gibraltar Telephone: 00 350 73400 from Spain 9567 73400 FAX: 00 350 73400 from Spain 9567 73400 http://www.dolphin.gi
Email: info@dolphin.gi


Junker Reisen GmbH


Seatours Limited.

Whale watching year 2001 from Ólafsvík, Iceland: Because of previous experience we have decided to offer whale watching tours from Ólafsvík, from the beginning of May till the end of August.  Big whale watching 4 -8 hours Price: iskr. 6.100.- per person  Whale watching 2,5 - 3,5 hours Price: iskr. 3.850.- per person (31 Oct 2000 = 1$ = 84 ISKR. )Big whale watching. These tours focus on surveying big whales (blue whales and humpback whales). Shoulder season.(from end of May to 10th of June and from 1st to middle of August). At this season the big whales arrive and leave from Snæfellsnes. Because of this the tours may take the maximum time. At this time the possibility of seeing the big whales are little bit less than at the main season. Main season. (from 10th of June to end of July). At this season the whales come very close to the shore, therefore the tour takes usually 4-5 hours, but can go up to 8 hours. In addition to the large whales one can almost be certain to see smaller whales in the second part of the tour. These smaller whales are for example white-beaked dolphins, killer whales (orca), and minke whales. Last year, 2000, big whales were sighted in 100% instances (blue whale 91%). On these tours, we sail along the coast from Ólafsvík to Hellissandur, around the Öndverðarnes (Snæfellsnes). In this area, there are many smaller whales and last year (2000) they were sighted in all of the tours, dolphins (white-beaked dolphins) in 95% of the tours and the minke whale in 63% of the tours. This tour is mainly for groups. We can offer this tour from begin of May to end of August. Contact: María and Pétur, Seatours Ltd., Aðalgata 2 340 Stykkishólmur, Iceland Telephone: + 354 438 1450 FAX: + 354 438 1050 www.saeferdir.is

Dolphin & Whalespotting

Famous for its White Beaked Dolphins, the sea around the Reykjanes Peninsula also feeds whales such as Minke, Humpback and Killer Whales and also the small Harbour Porpoise. We depart mostly from Keflavik main harbour, depending on weather we may depart from other harbours i.e. in Grindavík or Sandgerði towns, also situated on the Reykjanes peninsula. We are the oldest and most experienced whale-watching operator in Iceland, since 1993. Since then sightings have rated from 90 - 97% of White Beaked Dolphins (90%), Minke Whales, Humpback and Killer (60%)Harbour Porpoise (30%). Seabirds. We have donated one tree for each passenger to the Icelandic Forestry Services. Marine Biologist on-board as guide and working scientific research. Besides english and danish we can offer german, french or italian speaking guides. Season: April to November. Passenger Capacity: 60 persons. (might change to more) Costs: w/transfer circa $50, kids 50% off, groups 10 or more get 10% discount. Kids 6 years and younger,free of charge. Species: Depending on period, Mostly White Beaked Dolphins, Minke Whale, Humpback Whale (June - Sept.) Killer Whale (June - Sept.) Harbour Poropise. Contact: Helga Ingimundardóttir or Birna Rúnarsdóttir Dolphin & Whalespotting, P.O. Box 92, Keflavík 230. Telephone: +354 421 7777 FAX: +354 421 3361 Mobile Telephone: +354 896 5598 +354 699 7361 www.arctic.is/itn/whale Email: hring@ismennt.is



Vertigem Azul

We offer a 3-4 hour tour on the Natural Reserve of the Sado estuary to the resident comunity of Bottlenose dolphins, and a visit along the coast of the Natural Park of Arrábida where we stop for snorkeling (during summer). The meeting point is at the end of the Av. Luisa Todi, nº 375 (Setúbal), where we always start with a slide presentation, giving references about the resident population. We offer a certificate of participation and a Moscatel (local wine).Season: all year. Passenger Capacity: min. 4 pax. Costs: 2.750PTE (children under 10) / 5.500PTE adults. Species: Bottlenose Dolphins / Common Dolphins (a few times) Contact: Maria Fonseca / Pedro Narra, Vertigem Azul, Av. Luisa Todi, 375 - Edifício Ceiset, Setúbal 2900 - 876 PORTUGAL Telephone: (+351) 265 238000 FAX: (+351) 265 238001 Mobile Telephone: (+351) 91 7843304/5 www.vertigemazul.com





New dolphin centre, award winning ecotours. Why not spend a day with us and experience Highland marine life at first hand. Dolphin and seal sightseeing boat tours in the Moray Firth. Quality gift shop, reference area and mail order facilities . Season: All Year. Passenger Capacity: 12 max 4 min. Costs: all spaces £15.00 3yrs and under free. Species: Bottlenose dolphins/occas. Minke whale . Contact: Victoria Fraser, Dolphin Ecosse, Harbour Workshop Victoria Place Cromarty Ross-Shire IV11 8YE Telephone: 01381 600323 FAX: 01381 600800 : www.dolphinecosse.co.uk Email info@dolphinecosse.co.uk


Northern Light

Northern Light (liveaboard vessels Chalice and Poplar Diver) offers whale-watching cruises around the island of North West Scotland. MV Chalice 70ft Oban-based luxury liveaboard charter vessel Poplar Diver 70ft Oban-based cruising class ex-RNLI lifeboat .We travel the Inner and Outer Hebrides, to the remote islands of St Kilda, a must for lovers of all things natural. Travel in comfort to distant and exciting destinations with cetacean encounters and bird-watching en route. Land each day and enjoy walks in beautiful surroundings. Expert cetacean guides onboard with a wealth of knowledge, information to share and hydrophone. Whales, dolphins, porpoise, basking shark, eagles, puffins, seals, otters etc. Cruises generally operate May to September. Please contact Hannah on hannah@northernlight-uk.com. Visit the website www.northernlight-uk.com for further information and latest availablity. You can write to Northern Light at Cameron Farm, Lochbuie, Isle of Mull, Argyll PA62 6AA UK or telephone +44 (0) 1680 814260. Fax +44 (0) 1680 814270. Please note both vessels sail from Oban on the (mainland) West Coast of Scotland. Cruises include full board and accommodation and are priced from £80 per person per day. Five and nine day trips are scheduled for 2001+.




(PLEASE NOTE:  'DolphinEAR' is the NEW Name for 'DolphinPhone'.  Some confusion occurred with the
'phone' part of the name.  It stood for 'hydroPHONE' but few people seem to have clicked on the
association!  We hope 'DolphinEAR' better describes it as a 'listening device for under water sounds.)

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