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Hervey Bay Whalewatching
Premier whale watching site from the whale watching capital of the world: Australia's Hervey Bay. Facts, photos, sounds, tour boat descriptions, plus dolphins and dugongs too! Hervey Bay is known as the Whale Watch Capital of the World and enjoys a uniqueness that we find hard to repeat anywhere else in the world. Humpback whales enter the bay between early August and early November on their southern migration. On average up to 1500 humpbacks enter the bay and stay up to a week or more. This year we had the very first sighting of a Southern Right Whale and its calf enter the Bay. A very exciting place where the whales seem to want to play with the vessels and become very relaxed and approachable. Contact us on hbww@itfusion.com.au Or Visit our web site www.herveybaywhalewatch.com.au Or www.whalewatchinfo.com

Undersea Explorer - Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
The annual Dwarf Minke Whale migration in June and July is studied by the research vessel "Undersea Explorer". Behavioral patterns and Individual Identification are collected by observers drift snorkeling.

Dial-a-Whale operates from Eden during October & November from Eden, NSW. Cost is $50.00 adults $35.00 children.  Humpback whales seen everyday.  Money back if no whales sighted.  Boat leaves when network locates whales. Email dawhale@acr.net.au

Baywatch Cruises
Baywatch Cruises operate Whale watching cruises during the months of June through to August to see the Humpback Whales on their northern migration & from September untill December on their Southern migration. We operate out of Huskisson on the shores of Jervis Bay 2 & 1/2 hours south of Sydney. OurPurpose built fast 17 metre catamaran M.V. Explorer can carry 75 passengers,the 3 hour cruise Departs at 9am daily & include morning tea. We can be contacted on 02 44 415455 or fax 02 44 415323,  70 Owen Street Huskisson NSW Australia 2540.
The cost for Adults is $40 Children $18 & Seniors $31 morning tea is included. We also do Dolphin Watching & Australian Fur Seal Colony Visits.   www. dolphincruises.com.au   email: whales@dolphincruises.com.au 

Moreton Bay Whalewatching Tours Pty Ltd
 Brisbane, Queensland  PO Box 371, Redcliffe, QLD, 4020  on S/V Monarch   Experience a cruise to Cape Moreton to encounter one of the world's endangered and most spectacular mammals - the South Pacific Humpback Whale. These whales converge in the waters of Moreton Bay each year on their annual migration. Our expert educational commentary given by our resident lifetime member of the Whale Conservation Society will provide you with facts and information on these truly mysterious mammals.  Visit us at www.whalewatching.net      P h: +61 7 38800477 Fax: +61 7 38801122 Email: info@whalewatching.net

Whale Watching in Hervey Bay Queensland. 
Whalewatching Australia has all the latest information on Whale Watching in Hervey Bay Queensland. The site includes information for research on the migration of Humpback Whales and you can also find tourist, accommodation and travel information including articles on World Heritage Fraser Island (the biggest sand island in the world) and Hervey Bay, The Whalewatch Capital of the World. Whalewatching Australia when in the on season (August to November), will be updated on a "live" basis as news and information from the Whale Watching fleet comes to hand. General information and the site will be added and updated on a regular basis.    All enquiries addressed to  enquiries@whalewatching.com.au
All web related enquiries to webmaster@whalewatching.com.au
Telephone:  +61 7 41282077
Facsimile:   +61 7 41283984

Whalesong Cruises PTY Ltd
Whalesong cruises operates all year round with our whalewatch
season from late July till early November(two trips daily to visit humpback whales),the rest of the year we do a 1/2day dolphin watch cruise,visiting bottlenose,sousa and common dolphins  as well as various species of turtle, the ever elusive dugong(sea cow),birdlife and more .All of this in the pristine waters on the west side of Fraser  island. Whalesong is a 15 metre catamaran specifically built with extra wide viewing decks for optimal viewing and full disabled facilities,we also have a colour underwater camera for observing dolphins whales , sea grass beds and reefs of the area. All this can be seen live on the three TV monitors or later as we tape all footage.We have been logging all our sighting now for three years,some of the data is now being used by universities and other researchinstitutions   Websites:  www.whalesong.com.au&www.dolphingwatching.com
Email:  whalesong@bigpond.com  Contact  Jason Brigden

Dolphin Encounters Mandurah
Enjoy a magical memorable experience swimming with wild dolphins in Mandurah Western Australia. Whether you choose to swim with the dolphins or just observe from the boat, it will be an unforgettable holiday memory. We run from Nov 1st - 31st May each year, and are only one hour south of Perth the capital of W.A. Email us now at kirbyhs@southwest.com.au or visit our website at http://www.southwest.com.au/~kirbyhs/swims.html for further details.

Blue Dolphin Marine Tours


We are the only sailing vessel operating in the Hervey Bay Whale Watch fleet. Also we are the smallest vessel at 10.5 meters and carry the least number of passengers 20 to 22 maximum. We are a sailing catamaran and offer a full day tour, providing the best possible views and the best possible service. A great way to experience the magnificent humpback whales in Eastern Australian waters The skipper is the owner/operator having over 18 years experience with marine mammals working with dolphins and whales in marine parks, strandings and marine tours. Blue Dolphin is a very stable vessel that has been operating in Hervey Bay now for 4 years. Outside the humpback whale season we offer the only sailing tour of the Great Sandy Strait visiting bottlenose dolphins, indo-pacific humpback dolphins and on occasions the dugongs and turtles. Season: Whales:Aug-Oct, Dolphins: Nov-July Passenger Capacity: 20 - 22 Costs: Whales; 75 & 50 , Dolphins 45 & 25 Aus $ Species: Humpback whale, bottlenose and indo pacific humpback dolphins. Contact: Blue Dolphin Marine Tours,4 Alpsea Ave, Urangan, Hervey Bay Queensland 4655
07 - 41249600 Mobile Telephone: 0412 - 749600 Email: peterl@qldnet.com.au

Freedom Charters
We run a whale watching business during the months of October and November out of the port of Eden, NSW Australia, and bird watching at other times during the year. Our boat is a 38' cabin cruiser carrying only 12 passengers so we offer a unique personal service. Eden is the only area in Australia where whales can regularly be seen feeding as they approach the end of their migration. Most of the whales we see are Humpbacks, but we also see several other species including the massive Blues. Season: October and November. Passenger Capacity: 12 Costs: $50 adults and $35 children and pensioners. Species: Humpbacks mainly. Contact: Margaret Henry / John Henry Freedom Charters, 20Yule St. Eden, NSW 2551 Telephone: 61 2 64961209 FAX: 61 2 64962925
Email: freedom@acr.net.au

Fraser Princess - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia 

"Australia's Hervey Bay - a favourite holiday destination

Hervey Bay - Whale Watching Capital of the World, Queensland, Australia

MV Isalnder - Whale Connections

Contentment - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

M V Islander- Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

The Eclipse - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

The Spirit of Hervey Bay - Whale Watching, Australia

Discover Fraser Coast, Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Whale Watching, Queensland, Australia

Eddy May's Whale Watch Safari-, Hervey Bay, Australia

Fraser Princess, Fishing - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

Tasman Venture II - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

Kingfisher Bay Resort- Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

Hervey Bay Whales

Whale Watching Videos of Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Austral

ALBATROSS,Australia,Fishing,Cruise Charters,Whale Watching,NSW Australia

Whale Research - Great Barrier Reef - Dwarf Minke - Undersea Explorer

Mimi Macpherson's- Whale Watching Hervey Bay, Australia

Seaspray - Whale Watching Hervey Bay, Australia

Princess II - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

Stefanie Yacht Charters- Whale watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

Orca II - Whale Watching, Hervey Bay, Australia

Whale Watchers Paradise


New Zealand:

Tauranga Dolphins
The Tauranga Dolphin Company offers a unique and totally natural experience with wild dolphins. A full day voyage covers dolphin and whale watching, Dolphin swimming, snorkelling in various locations where there is a myriad of fish life. Tauranga is on the Bay of Plenty North Island New Zealand.  Species of whales sighted include Blue, Fin, Sei, Brydes, Minke, Southern right, and Humpback. Orca, Pilot whales, Pseudorca, and various rarer beaked whales are seen regularly. Common and Bottlenose dolphins are the most usual, swimming with either of these species is permitted with restrictions imposed by the Department of Conservation. Success rate is above 90%, all gear is supplied and tea and coffee are available free on board. As of Nov  1999 the cost is $85.00NZ per person. Voyages last all day on a sixty foot surveyed steel motorsailer specially designed to get passengers as close to dolphins as possible without compromising the dolphins' ability to control the encounter at their whims.

Dolphin Watch Marlborough

Twice daily tours to view dolphins in Queen Charlotte Sound and land on reserve bird sanctuary islands .Fully licenced by the Dept. of Conservation.Four species of dolphin frequent the area, bottlenose, dusky, common and hectors depending on season. Also occasional visits by Orca . Southern Ocean seabirds in winter. Season: All year. 08:30am 01:30pm. Passenger Capacity: Sixteen. Costs: $60nz.adult $32nz. child. Species: Hectors dusky, bottlenose, summer dusky winter. Dolphinwatch Marlborough. Foreshore , Picton. Marlborough N.Z. Telephone: 64 03 573 8040. FAX: 64 03 573 7906. Mobile 025 359967.

Dolphin Encounter
Dolphin Encounter offers the opportunity of swimming with or watching the dusky dolphins off the beautiful Kaikoura Coast. This is a year round activity which takes visitors out into the open ocean realm of the acrobatic dusky dolphins. The dusky dolphins inhabit the coastal waters in pods which can number from a few to over 1000 at times (particularly Autumn and Winter). We operate under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation and have permits which limit the amount of people allowed in the water, therefore due to demand it is most important that you book well in advance. Season: All year round. Passenger Capacity: Larger vessel 34, smaller vessel 18 Costs: Swim: Adult $95 Chn $80 Watch: Adult $48 Chn $38 Species: Dusky dolphins. Contact: Dennis Buurman Dolphin Encounter, 58 West End, Kaikoura Telephone: 00 64 3 319 6777 FAX: 00 64 3 319 6534 www.dolphin.co.nz



The Ultimate Marine Experience. Share in the most breathtaking adventure of a lifetime. Enter the world of one of nature's most magnificent mammals - the Giant Sperm Whale. Meet this awesome creature in its natural environment with Dusky Dolphins, sea birds, Fur Seals and, in season, the migratory species of whale that frequent the Kaikoura coastline. Season: All Year. Passenger Capacity: Whale Watch operates four vessels, with a seating capacity ranging from 32 to 48 passengers. Costs: Current rate $95 adult, $60 child (5-15). Subject to change without notification. Species: Sperm Whales, Dusky dolphins, Hectors dolphins, sea birds, Fur Seals, migratory species of whale. Reservations: Advance reservations are recommended - 2-3 days over winter, 7-10 days in peak season. On line reservations are accepted. Contact: Heather Manawatu, Whale Watch Kaikoura, PO Box 89, The Whaleway Station, Kaikoura Telephone: 64 3 319 6767 FAX: 64 3 319 6545 Freephone (within NZ) 0800 655 121 or 0800 WHALES

Kauri Lodge
We are a luxury lodge style country retreat an hour's drive north of  Auckland, New Zealand. We offer whale watching, swimming with dolphins, diving, fishing and much more. See us at www.kaurigrove.co.nz email:lodge@kaurigrove.co.nz



South Pacific Islands



WhaleSwim Adventures
Swim with Humpback Whales in the clear warm waters of The Kingdom of Tonga. Picture this.. . . Two humpback whales glide beneath you in a synchronous ballet amid shafts of converging sunlight, their bulbous probing eyes staring into you as they twist their massive pectoral fins to glide, tumble and coil for several precious minutes before a single pulse of their flukes propels them beyond your vision. This experience of swimming with a whale is so profound and the memories and images brought back from an in-water encounter are so exciting that it can change the way people see nature, understand it and, in turn, care for it. "We will save what we love" said the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau. True. But equally so is his son Jean-Michel's follow-through,"We will love what we understand." During August and September each year, you can join us in the sapphire depths of this South Pacific paradise for a 10-day adventure to experience and learn about these gentle giants of the ocean. Season: August/September Passenger Capacity: 18 Costs: Australian Dollars $2,500 Species: Humpback whales and Spinner dolphins. Contact: Rae Gill WhaleSwim Adventures, Suite 144, 131 Old Cleveland Rd Capalaba QLD 4157 Telephone: ++61 7 3821 5560 FAX: ++ 61 7 3821 5560
Mobile Telephone: 0410 313 017 www.whaleswim.com/ftonga1.htm

(PLEASE NOTE:  'DolphinEAR' is the NEW Name for 'DolphinPhone'.  Some confusion occurred with the
'phone' part of the name.  It stood for 'hydroPHONE' but few people seem to have clicked on the
association!  We hope 'DolphinEAR' better describes it as a 'listening device for under water sounds.)

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