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  Africa - Middle East - Indian Ocean
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Indian Ocean

Lions on the Beach Yacht Cruises:
Lions on the Beach Yacht Cruises - Sailing Earth's last untouched wilderness - We offer whale observation expeditions in the Indian Ocean, for adventurers and scientists.


Sri Lanka

Seaquest Expeditions

Whale and Dolphin Watching is possible off Srik Lanka in the Indian Ocean from the Western Coast right up to the South Eastern Coast. Whales can be sighted from December to Februrary whilst Dolphins can be seen most of the year. The species commonly sighted are Common Blue, Brydes, Sperm, Killer, False Killer, Dwarf Sperm, Melon Headed, Cuviers Beaked and if lucky the elusive Indian Blue Whale. Dolphins - Spotted, Spinner, Frasers, Rissos, Common and Bottlenose. A 14 day expedition covers 7 days of Whale/Dolphin Watching with 5 days to sight see Sri Lanka - including visits to a coral reef, nature reserves, tropical rain forest,wildlife park, 500 millinos years old limestone cave, botanical gardens. Standard itineraries can be changed to suit. Passenger capacity 6 adults. Prices on request. Contact: Noel Narendranath Daniel, Sea Quest Expeditions, 179/2-A Polhengoda Road, Columbo 00500 Sri Lanka. Telephone 94 75 336 839
www. geocities.com/seaquestexpeditions/


South Africa:

The Whalecoast
The Whalecoast region in the South African Garden Route is prime breeding waters for the Southern Right Whale and ideally suited for land-based whale watching with the whales often less than 200 metres from the shore.

FarFlung Holiday Apartment

FarFlung holiday apartment is situated at L'Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Southern Right whales ( and some others species ) migrate to these shores each season ( July to November ) and can be seen with their young very close to the shore. The upstairs family room offers an unrestricted 180 degree view of the ocean, ideal for whale watching. The weakness of the South African Rand makes the accomodation very inexpensive, i.e. 32 UK pounds a night for a 6 sleeper self catering apartment ! ( just over 5 pound a head ) Thats about US$ 45 per night, or $8 per head. Contact: John Smith FarFlung holiday Apartment PO Box 136 L'Agulhas 7287 Telephone: +27(0)28 4356386 FAX: +27(0)284357751
Mobile Telephone: +27(0)829533343 WWW Address: http://www.safarinow.com/go/FarFlung




WhaleSwim Adventures
Picture this.. . . Leaning over the bow of our cruiser 'meeting' the wise old eyes of playful dolphins riding the bow-waves, so close your spine tingles just hearing the loud 'whoosh' of their breath. There are hundreds of them joining the fun. At night, as you doze, you can hear the breath of a bottlenose, interrupting the silence of the warm still, balmy nights. The white 'spout' of a Blue whale in the distance, awakens the excitement of witnessing the largest animal on earth, right next to the boat. . .when it finally surfaces just metres away, you utter a cry of sheer amazement. . . it's size is overwhelming and somehow, you realise just how gentle these enormous mammals are. As they raise their dorsal fin preparing to dive, you hold your breath waiting for their elegant fluke signalling their departure. Witnessing these intelligent mammals in the wild is so exciting that it can change the way people see nature, understand it and, in turn, care for it. "We will save what we love" said the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau. True. But equally so is his son Jean-Michel's follow-through,"We will love what we understand."
During March and April each year, you can join us cruising the turquiose waters of the Maldives for a 12 or 14-day live-aboard expedtion to experience and learn about the cetaceans of the Indian Ocean. Season: March & April Passenger Capacity: 12 Costs: 12 days from US$2,300 14 days from US$2750 all inclusive. Species: Bottlenose,Common, Spinner & Risso dolphins. Blue, Sperm, Brydes, Short-finned Pilot, and sometimes Melon-headed & killer whales. Contact: Rae Gill WhaleSwim Adventures, Suite 144, 131 Old Cleveland Rd Capalaba QLD 4157 Telephone: ++61 7 3821 5560 FAX: ++ 61 7 3821 5560
Mobile Telephone: 0410 313 017 www.whaleswim.com/fmaldive.htm
Email: tours@whaleswim.com



Dolphin Dhow

Some very friendly spotted dolphins frequent the stunningly beautiful area of sothern coastal Kenya known as the Kisiti Marine park. Our trip revolves around interacting with these dolphins and/or some of their local cousins - the humpbacks and common dolphins. The spotted will allow an exciting in-water encounter when they are in the mood (about 60% of the time)and our success rate at finding them is about 98% on any day. We have traditional Arab sailing dhows as platforms for the day which includes snorkeling in the marine park (comparable with The Great Barier Reef), a delicious seafood (with alternatives) lunch "al-frescoe" on board, fully inclusive drinks, and a leisurely sail back to our beach. At the moment we only offer day trips with collections from the coast hotels but keep an eye on our web site for future accommodation-based holidays. Season: July - March (with minor variations) Passenger Capacity: 24 on one boat (we operate 2 at the moment) Costs: $90 all inclusive of transport, food, drinks, park fees, etc. Species: Spotted, Indo-Pacific humpbacks, common, (humpback wales in August)
David Slinger, Dolphin Dhow, P.O. Box 85636, Mombasa, Kenya.
Telephone: 254 127 2144 FAX: 254 127 209 www.dolphindhow.com
Email: info@dolphindhow.com




(PLEASE NOTE:  'DolphinEAR' is the NEW Name for 'DolphinPhone'.  Some confusion occurred with the
'phone' part of the name.  It stood for 'hydroPHONE' but few people seem to have clicked on the
association!  We hope 'DolphinEAR' better describes it as a 'listening device for under water sounds.)

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