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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program


  • HIGH COMMISSIONS!  from $15 to $25 US on each DolphinEAR sold through the link on your website.
  • UNIQUE!   Includes both Online and OFFLINE sales!
  • EASY  Just Sign-up, and place a banner on your website. That's it!
  • BONUS!   Sell 10 or more DolphinEAR's during your first three months in the program and receive a DolphinEAR 'DP100-6' FREE as a bonus - in addition to your regular commission.
  • DOUBLE CREDIT!   Apply your commissions to purchase Arretec Products and receive double the amount of your commission as a credit toward the purchase.

ABOUT DolphinEAR and the Affiliate Program:

DolphinEAR has broken new ground in providing high quality underwater listening systems at a low cost. Even though we just introduced it last October, DolphinEAR is being used by Whale Watchers, Dolphin Lovers, Researchers, Educators, Students, Industry and the Military. And, in the next few months, you'll be seeing and hearing even more about DolphinEAR, in Magazines and on Radio.

When someone surfs to your site, many will have already heard about DolphinEAR. If you link them to us, and it results in a sale, we will be happy to send you a check for your help! You'll receive a commission of 10% of the value of the goods ordered (less shipping). That's between $15 and $25 for EACH DolphinEAR sold through your website. There's no upper limit to the money you can earn. In fact, with our program you aren't even limited to ONLINE or INTERNET SALES. Any sales that comes through with your unique stock number, is credited to your account. So you earn even when your customer doesn't want to use their credit card online! Or, if you tell a friend or collegue at work and they use your stock number to order DolphinEAR, you get a commission! It's a great program that gives you a fair deal - no matter where your orders come from!

As a startup incentive, if you sell 10 or more DolphinEARs during your first three months, we'll send you a BONUS GIFT of a DolphinEAR DP100-6 - our most popular model - absolutely free! Use it yourself, and show it to friends to make even more sales!

If you want to apply your cash commissions to purchase Arretec products, we give you a credit of TWICE your cash commission.

Affiliate Program FAQ

Who can participate in the DolphinEAR Affiliate Program?
Anyone who is interested and has a web site with "child-safe" content. You will need to download banners and create links to DolphinEAR, - so basic web design knowledge is required.

How Much do You Pay as a Commission?
You earn a cash commmission of 10% (ten percent) on orders placed by a third party using your unique order codes. The value of the order is the price of all goods ordered less shipping, insurance, and taxes where applicable. If you wish, you may elect to receive commissions as a credit toward the purchase of DolphinEAR products. In lieu, of receiving a cash payment you earn a credit of 20% (twenty percent) of the value of orders placed through your site. Your credit amount can be applied toward the purchase of a DolphinEAR at the regular retail price posted on the DolphinEAR website. You are then free to resell, or use your purchase as you see fit.

What can I make from each sale?
That depends on the amount of the order. Each DolphinEAR DP100-6 will earn nearly $15. Each DolphinEAR DP100-20 will earn nearly $25. If you elect to take a credit for the sale, then your credit from the previous examples will be approxiately $30 and $50. For example, if you sell three DolphinEAR100-20's you will earn approxiately $75 cash, or $150 credit. You can use the credit to 'purchase' a DolphinEAR 100-6 which retails for $149. You are then free to use, or resell that unit as desired.

How are sales tracked?
Each affiliate is assigned an affiliate code and a link to a dedicated page created just for you. That page lists DolphinEAR products - each product has a unique order code specially created just for you. As orders are processed, all orders with your 'order code' are credited to you. In this manner, we can track and credit your account whether orders are taken online, or via another method. Many people still prefer to use fax, or telephone, to place orders which in normal affiliate programs are not credited to you! In our program, you receive credit for those orders - any order with your order code earns you a commission!

When and how am I paid?
Payments are made quarterly. Each quarter you will receive a statement of sales credited to your account for the previous quarter. Payments are made within 30 days of the receipt of this statement. Payments are made by company cheque drawn in UK £Sterling. In some cases, your bank may apply additional charges for currency conversion. To minimize the effects of these charges, you may elect to wait until your commmissions exceed a predetermined amount. We will be happy to make individual arrangements to suit your circumstances.

Can I receive a commission from Non-Internet Sales?
Yes, you receive a commission on all sales placed with Arretec as long as the items are ordered with your order number. DolphinEAR is perfect for schools and universities wishing to introduce students to marine biology on field trips, to perform science and physical experimments, or to conduct research or environental monitoring. Operators of whale and dolphin watching vessels

Do I need to write a description of DolphinEAR?
No. We provide a special page that permits a surfer to view details about DolphinEAR and to place an order. When they have finished surfing the DolphinEAR pages, they are returned to your site. In a sense, they really never leave your site. There are no external links on the DolphinEAR pages, so surfers must return to your website. We do, however, encourage you to write your own comments about DolphinEAR. That will increase sales.

What happens if an order is returned?
We offer a 30 day 'No Questions Asked' refund if a purchaser decides to return a DolphinEAR. If this occurs it will be noted in your monthly statement, and the amount of the commission will be reduced accordingly.

Is DolphinEAR a Quality Product?
YES, absolutely! While DolphinEAR is low cost, it isn't 'cheap'. We've taken great care to produce a quality product. We've received many compliments about its look, 'feel' and performance. We use quality components. Our hydrophone cable is jacketed in rugged PVC/Neoprene that resists abrasion and kinking. It is double shielded with both a copper outer layer and an internal conductive vinyl layer to insure low noise pickup from outside sources. The hydrophone element is extremely rugged to survive dragging over rocks, children, adults and other hazards. The amplifier is well designed and uses quality components and connectors. Even our earphones (in-ear 'walkman' style) are of the highest quality utilizing Samarium Cobolt magnets for super clean sound over (and beyond) the normal hearing range of 18 Hz to 20,000 Hz. You can be proud of presenting DolphinEAR on your website.

Does DolphinEAR have non-water applications?
Yes. DolphinEAR converts vibrations into sounds. If you plant it in your garden you can hear nearby footsteps. If you place it on a wooden floor, you can hear movements in your house.

Affiliate Application

Please complete all items that apply to you and click the 'APPLY' button below. Please allows one week for us to process it. We will email you with linking details and html code that you can paste into your own page.

Site Name:
URL of Site:
When a surfer has finished viewing DolphinEAR pages, to which page on your site should they be returned?:


Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:
Phone:        Fax:  


First Name:
Last Name:
Phone:        Fax:  


ACCOUNTING ADDRESS (Where we send payments)
Same as above
Pay To Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:


By pressing the "Apply" button, you indicate that you want to apply to participate in the Arretec DolphinEAR Affiliates Program, that you have reviewed the Affiliate Agreement (See below) and understand its contents, and that, if Arretec accepts this application, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the operating agreement.  

All information submitted on this application will remain confidential.
Please Give Us a Week to Process Your Application



Affiliate Agreement

This agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to an individual's or entity's participation in the Arretec DolphinEAR Affiliate Program (the "Program"). As used in this Agreement, "Affiliate" means the applicant.


  1. The term of this agreement shall commence on the date which an approved link to Arretec DolphinEAR' site (the "Link") is placed on Affiliate's site and expire when terminated by either party with three days written or emailed notice.
  2. Upon termination, Affiliate agrees to remove the Link from its site.


  1. Arretec will supply Affiliate with artwork and text that can be placed on Affiliate's site and act as a link to Arretec DolphinEAR' site.
  2. Arretec will compensate Affiliate for each Affiliate-Generated Purchase. An "Affiliate-Generated Purchase" shall be defined as a purchase made using the Affiliate's unique order code.
  3. "Purchase Amount" is defined as the gross amount of an Affiliate-Generated Purchase less shipping charges, gift-wrapping charges, sales tax, and coupons.
  4. Arretec DolphinEAR will remit 10% of the Purchase Amount of Affiliate-Generated Purchases to Affiliate.
  5. Quantities for Affiliate-Generated Purchases shall be solely determined by the order reports of Arretec's accounting system.
  6. On a quarterly basis, Arretec DolphinEAR will provide Affiliates with a report. This report will include the number and amount Affiliate-generated purchases. This report will serve as the basis for the remittance described above. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis within 30 days of the issuance of the report.


  1. Affiliate will place a graphical, or textual link to the Arretec DolphinEAR website on the Affiliate site in a manner consistent with artwork and/or text provided by Arretec.
  2. Affiliate will code all links to Arretec DolphinEAR in the manner specified by Arretec DolphinEAR in the affiliate acceptance email.
  3. Posting, mailing or distributing Arretec DolphinEAR coupons, gift certificates or other discount mechanisms in any way without prior permission from Arretec DolphinEAR is grounds for immediate termination of this agreement.
  4. Affiliate will not promote DolphinEAR sales by spam, bulk Email, posting to newsgroups, or other means that violate net etiquette. Violation is grounds for immediate termination of this agreement.


  1. At any time and in our sole discretion, Arretec may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement by emailing a revised agreement to you. If a modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate your participation in the Program. Your continued participation in the Program following receipt of a revised agreement constitutes your acceptance of the new agreement.
(PLEASE NOTE: 'DolphinEAR' is the NEW Name for 'DolphinPHONE'. Some confusion occurred with the 'phone' part of the name. It stood for 'hydroPHONE' but few people seem to have clicked on the association! We hope 'DolphinEAR' better describes it as a 'listening device for under water sounds.)
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