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whalewatching directory and guide
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whale watching directory and guide
whale watching directory and guide
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whale watching directory and guide
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whale watching directory and guide

whale watching
directory and guide


Welcome to the WhaleGuide Directory

Our mission is to find and list every whale watching trip in the world! We'll find them wherever they are - on or off internet.

If you operate a whalewatching business, please register for a free listing.

If you know of any whalewatching activities not listed here, please let us know. Email to: whaleguide@dolphinear.com

To start, select the appropriate area:
United States:
Alaska and Hawaii
Eastern US
Western US
British Columbia
Eastern Provinces
The World:
Mexico - Central America - South America - Caribbean
Africa - Middle East - Indian Ocean
Australia - New Zealand - South Pacific Islands
Whale Watching sites without locations

Most species migrate - some very long distances. For example, the humpback travels from its summer feeding grounds in the polar regions to the warm tropicla waters near the equator each year! This gives you plenty of opportunity to see them. These listings will tell you when the best time is for seeing various species.

Because of this pattern a boat captain cannot guarantee you will see many different kinds of cetaceans. But you can rely on them to use their experience to get you as close as possible to all animals in the area. Be mindful that they must follow government rules and regulations. These have been enacted to protect the animals, and sometimes it means you won't be able to get as close to them as you would like. Don't be discouraged though. You will see more than you expect and you will never forget your trip!

Don't forget to bring your camera, or video! Remember to dress warm, or wear several layers of clothing, since it will be considerably cooler on the water than it is on land. If you have binoculars, be sure to bring them along. Sometimes the motion of a boat causes sea sickness. The best way to combat this is to go outside and look around - look at the horizon. Within a few minutes you will feel better. There are many seasickness remedies that are available over the counter in pharmacies. If you are driving a car, be sure to check if they cause drowsiness or other side effects. Ask the boat operator for advice. It's is unlikely that your trip will encounter rough sea conditions.

Those boats equipped with hydrophones allow you to hear the animals when they are below the surface. This adds a new dimension to your experience since cetaceans spend most of their time under water!

(PLEASE NOTE:  If you know of any whale watching activities not
listed here, please let us know so we can include them.  It's FREE!)


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