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underwater microphone data card

underwater microphones are called hydrophones

Underwater microphones - hydrophones

Under water microphones are better
known as hydrophones

Under water microphones, or hydrophones, come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials. One underwater microphone might be very expensive and work very well for oil and gas exploration, but may not work well for listening for whales and dolphins. So buying the most expensive unit you can find doesn't necessarily guarantee it will do the job.

Many people think that underwater microphones are nothing more than a cheap standard microphone in a waterproof case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sound transmission in water is much different that sound in air. A microphone that works well in at a karaoke bar won't work in water!

Hydrophones, real underwater microphones, are generally made from piezoelectric materials that generate small voltages when deformed. Sound wave hitting the piezoelectric element create stresses in the material which are converted into an electrical signal. This signal is amplified and fed into a set of earphones, or connected to an external speaker system, or tape recorder.

Dolphinear hydrophones uses a sensitive MPC piezoelectric element encased in a special epoxy. This provides high sensitivity and an excellent frequency. Because of their unique housing they are very rugged and able to withstand abuse.

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DolphinEar Hydrophones
are designed for
research, whale watching or recreational use.

Used throughout the world by universities, government, military, whale watching fleets, industry and by 'ordinary' folks!

No need to wait either! Because of the high demand, we always have a large stock of these on hand and we can usually ship within 24-48 hours. Not 6-8 weeks like normal manufacturers! Each DolphinEar is thoroughly tested in the water before we ship it to you!

Plus we have FREE technical support to help you solve problems, and to help you get the most from your DolphinEar system. With our large customer base, we've probably already solved your problem!

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